Kaufen Sie den italienischen Führerschein EU

Italienischen Führerschein online kaufen

Italienischen Führerschein online kaufen

Buy the Italian EU driving license

With registration documents you can register an Italian driver’s license online. Even if it only takes a few days, Italienischen Führerschein online kaufen. In fact, the driver’s license is a database registered with the Ministry of Transport and can easily be used by the police and other competent authorities. 

The driving license in Italy is also a permit for people looking for a driving license in any desired category. It is necessary for every type of vehicle. The minimum age for acquiring a driver’s license is also:

16 years for a 125cc motorcycle with a maximum of 11 kW; a quadruple engine (400 kg – 550 kg if it is to transport cargo) and a

Transport) and an engine power of max. 15 kW)

18 years for a car also a motorcycle with no limitation of the engine displacement and a limitation of the engine power of 35 kW

21 years for minibuses, tricycles without engine power limitation and trucks

24 years for motorcycles with no limit on engine power; Buses. Italienischen Führerschein online kaufen

The Italian driving license is also obtained after completing driver training and a two-stage test: a theory test and a trial training. In order to get a valid driver’s license, a primary school diploma is required. Buy the Italian EU driving license.

Buy the Italian driver’s license online.

Likewise, the driver’s license allows the holder to uniquely practice driving with a person who is not older than 60 years

The accompanying driver must also have had a legal driver’s license in the class to be tested for at least 10 years. Registriertedokumente operates in the EU zone and enables customers to buy driving licenses online in the EU.

Buy the Italian driver’s license online.

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